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The JMAK (“jay-mack”) is an American multimedia op-ed journal and news source run by Roberts Wesleyan College undergraduate students Joseph Marziale ’23, Alyssa Kear ’22, and Vincent Liberto ’22.

Joe and Alyssa originally founded The JMAK (formerly The Marziale Telos and By Grace, respectively) as a digital alternative college newspaper in July 2020 during the social unrest provoked in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of that publication was to unify the student body with articulate and professional student perspectives on contemporary politics, economics, religion, social justice, academia, and the arts. The newspaper aimed to refresh and reform the bulk of modern discourse by introducing the priorities of speaking truth, upholding literary integrity, and exhibiting cautious optimism as humans navigate through a world in which these are scarce resources.

The ideals that sparked the success of the newspaper are maintained today in 2021 as The JMAK expands into a multimedia entity. The newspaper has expanded its distribution across all of campus at Roberts Wesleyan College. Moreover, The JMAK has welcomed computer science major Vinny Liberto as a co-owner to assist in the development and production of a podcast, an Instagram presence, and a website.

At present, The JMAK primarily serves the Roberts Wesleyan College student body; however, its staff works daily to ensure its future expansion and influence across the world stage, setting its own calendar for doing so.