Wild Woman

Music & Arts * by Hännah Bockrath

Hännah Bockrath is a Christian feminist writer and current student at Roberts Wesleyan College studying education and the Spanish language. She is passionate about the idea that pro-women language and stories can empower young girls to pursue leadership in the future, in both the secular world and the Church.

Wild Woman

Don’t try to tell me I am nothing less than fully alive, when I’m dancing wild in the tall grass spoken into being by the same lips that called me daughter.

This is a place I go to reunite body and soul, where who is divine in me can inhale slowly the divine that moves in all things touched by sunlight and shadow.

Here my spirit is close to His, for in the wilderness I grow. 

And don’t try to tell me that I am a prize to be claimed – Can’t you see that I am a living being, a wild woman to be understood, to be forgiven, to be loved?

Why is it that you desire to catch me so, to tame me and make me palatable; to make me make sense?

Seek me and find me, oh but see me.

I’ll tell you that as the seasons change, my body moves as the earth; each month I wax and wane with the moon. We women are intimately aware of how our existence binds us to the natural world, for from us God chose to bring forth life and breath itself.

So listen well, son of Adam, and heed my words: Don’t let my spirit deter you from your race or drive you from our wild in which you have found your purpose. For if you choose to run with me here instead of holding me fast,

You will find yourself set free.