Acts of Service with CoreLuv

Social Justice * by Noriah Parris

Noriah Parris is a cross-disciplinary major with a focus on social welfare, business administration, and the social sciences. Noriah is a junior at Roberts Wesleyan College, a drawer, a dancer, and a daydreamer.

You’re able to meet the immediate needs of others starting right at the college.

While it is great to be back to some sense of normalcy, quite a few things have changed. States of crisis have been proclaimed all over the world. One thing is for sure: needs still have to be met. One organization in particular strives to provide for children with neither guardians nor proper care. CoreLuv International partners with communities around the world in hopes of providing for six basic needs of orphans: proper food, clean water, healthcare, education, job skills, and a Christ-centered home. As of now, this organization serves in Haiti and India; however, they have ambitions to expand to other countries soon.

Coincidentally, CoreLuv directly incorporates the mission of Roberts Wesleyan into their services. This nonprofit strives to prepare mindful, service-oriented people to uplift others. Here, we are privileged with staff and curriculum that nudges students towards cross-cultural awareness and lifelong skills. There is no debate that Roberts is immersed with people with different beliefs. Regardless of these personal standards, it is generally accepted that a desire to extend compassion and justice is favorable. Likewise, CoreLuv extends these mercies to youth that could not help themselves otherwise. This is achieved in three ways: through an internship program, building feeding centers and villages for orphans, and partnering with different ministries. So far, they’ve touched the lives of many. With provisions from God and resources from sponsors, CoreLuv feeds an average of 300 children daily in India. In central Haiti, where residents live on as little as $1 a day, a central village has housed many children since 2015. Finally, this nonprofit intends to eventually expand and bring the love of Christ around the world.

There is no doubt that we are called to serve those with immediate needs. In times that seem hopeless or uncertain, we know a few basic truths: people will always need hope, and we who are equipped can step up. Regardless of your beliefs, it would be foolish to deny the need to serve our neighbor. Whether through prayer or donation, your impact would make the world of a difference for someone around the world.

Regardless of how much money or time you have, anyone can help! If you have social media, follow @CoreLuv on Instagram or Twitter for more information. For those who would like to donate, you can do so on Send proof of you donating, following, or promoting CoreLuv to me at and my team will send you a personalized sticker. For those with no money or marketing to spare, prayers are greatly appreciated as well. Your contribution-great or small-is sure to spread the love of Christ to someone in need.

Are you ready to pitch in? Here are CoreLuv’s main goals for this year:

(1) Increase overall fundraising for projects like construction for a Special Needs village & further permanent housing;

(2) Gain more partners for the Orphan Care Partner program. CoreLuv has 489 partners and would like to reach 1,000;

(3) Continue to build a team both statewide and overseas.