Coffee Shops, As Reviewed By a Tea Drinker

Campus Life * by Elizabeth Potash

Elizabeth, originally from Saratoga Springs, NY, is a sophomore at Roberts Wesleyan College. She is studying Psychology with a minor in History and is serving as VP of the campus ministry BASIC (Brothers And Sisters In Christ). She loves baking, growing closer to Jesus, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and long stares into the void. Psalm 61:2.

“I made the best London Fogs when I was a barista for a few months, and I will not be accepting questions or comments.”

Coffee. Besides being something for which to mock Millennials with (“don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee”), it’s universal. It’s a lowkey thing to do with friends, it connects people, and at this point, it’s a comforting staple of our culture. Feeling FOMO, I have tried to become as addicted as my friends, but the result each time is the same: I just. Can’t. Do it. If you love coffee, I’m so happy for you. On the days when I’m falling asleep in my 10:50 am class, I wish I was like you. Everyone’s different, and unfortunately, I was built with a weak stomach and easily triggered anxiety. My dear friends Tina Tsoukalas and Jessy LeRoy are on a quest to compare every coffee shop/cafe in the Rochester area. They graciously let me tag along, even though they know I will order tea every time—specifically, a London Fog. A perfect London Fog, in my eyes, consists of earl grey tea, steamed milk, and two shots of lavender syrup (some use vanilla, but they’re wrong). I drank one while writing this. So, without further ado, I will share my findings on some of the coffee shops I have given my money to:


Cute shop! So many things are offered, including wine and SpongeBob popsicle bars. While I was there, two men talked loudly about highways and semi-trucks and the like, so it was my ideal atmosphere. London fog was strong, smooth, and had an excellent lavender flavor. 7/10 Fish and Chips.


Formerly Café Macchiato, this place had a decent selection and good vibes. There was also a group of older people there who were playing Facebook videos very loudly. The London fog was bold and had a lot of good lavender flavor. 8/10 Downton Abbeys.


L&B is a classic choice. Good food, intimidatingly cool baristas, shockingly good frozen mango lemonade. The London Fog was pretty standard and could’ve used more lavender. I was disappointed that the smallest option was a medium, as I do not have the bank account of Elon Musk. 5/10 Double Decker busses.


At Java’s the walls are full of contemporary art.

Being so close to my church (shoutout Grace Road), Java’s has a special place in my heart. Completely hipster and chaotic, the baristas are always on a spectrum of snarky to indifferent, of which I am a fan. One time at Java’s, an artist sketched a picture of me without my permission. It looked nothing like me. The London Fog was very fruity, and I sound like a broken record, but the lavender was seriously lacking. 4.5/10 Boris Johnsons.


Oh, Pure Imagination. Sometimes the ones you love hurt you the most. Cute as a button, rockin’ food, but again, Jeff Besos, I am not. Their London Fogs are like a hug in a cup, with strong tea, foamy milk, and almost enough lavender. 9/10 Crumpets.

I think I’ve learned from this journey that it’s not about what you drink but who you drink it with. That being said, I made the best London Fogs when I was a barista for a few months, and I will not be accepting questions or comments. Thank you for your time.

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